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Apple Event September 10th 2019

On September 10th Apple is ready to unveil their new devices. We will go over what exactly is supposed to be announced in this exert.

New iPhones:

The new iPhone is supposed to be released in 3 options. The first being an updated iPhone XR with dual cameras and new processor. This phone will look exactly like its predecessor with 2 new colors green and purple. The new iPhone Pro will be an updated model of last years iPhone XS and XS Max. This model will come with 3 cameras, a larger battery and updated processors.

New iPads:

New iPad Pros are supposed to be released with updated internal hardware and no changed to the external look. New processors and more ram are expected.

New Apple Watch:

A new series 5 Apple Watch is said to be released along side the iPhone. This watch will come with better battery life and new OLED screen made by Japan Display. Supposed to retain the current look with 2 new options Titanium and Ceramic.

Be sure to catch the event on September 10th at 10am on Apple.com. You need a compatible browser to view the event Such as the newest version of safari.

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