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New iPhone in 2019

As we get closer to September, we get closer to a new iPhone being released. As with every year the new iPhone will have better battery life and a better camera. In this post we will go over what the newest iPhone(s) could have when they are released later this year. 

First we start with the look. This iPhone should be similar in style and look to the previous iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. Covered on the front and back by glass with a stainless steel frame or aluminum frame. Rumors have it that the only key differences in appearance will be the additional cameras each model will sport. 

The new phones might be named iPhone XLR, iPhone XL and iPhone XL Max. Though I hope not as those names don’t roll off the tongue. One thing is for sure no matter what the name is they will sell like hot cakes as the iPhone always has.

The iPhone XLR is said to gain an additional camera with similar capabilities to the iPhone XS from 2018. This iPhone will also come in 2 new colors, green and purple. These colors are said to replace the current coral and blue colors. 

The iPhone XL and XL Max are said to gain an additional camera as well, bringing the total up to 3 cameras. Who knows what this new cameras advantage will be, maybe larger aperture for low light photos? Or maybe just a better zoom functionality. Only time will tell.

Both phones will come with the newly announced iOS 13 stated for release later this year most likely around the iPhone release date. Both phones will also feature extended battery life just like every iPhone ever released. I would bet that everything about these phones hasn’t been leaked yet. Tim Cook just might have a surprise or two waiting for us in September when he takes the stage at the Steve Jobs theatre located on Apples stunning campus. We can’t wait as I’m sure neither can you!